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"it's like a Tinder for travelers, they can match their flight with an airline at a chosen price"

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pick a price

Make your offer choosing
the price you want to pay.

Invest long-term

We are the only way to invest
11 months or more before flying.

risk nothing

If you're decided to travel, you have nothing to lose.
Make your offer and wait for the match.

have fun

If you've got nothing to lose,
it's kind of fun to try to match cheap.

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1. the OFFER

Tell us all the information of your flight request, where to go and how much you want to pay. Remember that the match will always depend on the price you choose.

2. the WAITING

Once you make your offer, you must wait until you match with an airline. You can cancel your offer whenever you want, without risk.

3. the MATCH

If you match, there is an airline that wants to take you for the price you have chosen. You pay the rest or buy it automatically, and that’s it: YOU ARE READY TO FLY!

If you match but you don't want to fly, we hold that 4% of the price you chose

If you match, you pay the rest and FLY!

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Frequent Asked Questions - FAQ

It’s basically where you put all the information regarding your flight. You enter where you want to go, when and how much you want to pay for that flight.

Making an offer means letting to know the market what you are looking for, how much you are willing to pay for that flight. To make your first offer click here.

Whenever you want. We suggest you to do it in advance, so that our solution works better.

Wait for the match, just like in Tinder. It will depend, not on how well you look in your profile pictures, but on the price you have chosen for the flight.

We’ll not charge you if we don’t find the match but as we’ll work hard to do so, we will need that information to be paid for our service.

We suggest that you choose a price that you are really willing to pay. You can analyze how much is the flight today and how it changes over time. 

You have nothing to lose. You probably need to be more flexible with your request. You can cancel your offer whenever you want to try again.

Whenever you want. 

You should cancel it as soon as you know you don’t want it anymore. Remember that if you match, and you didn’t cancel it yet, you will be charged for a 4% anyway.

Our job is to get you the match, to connect you with the airlines at the price you want to pay. Only when a match is made, we charge a 4% of your chosen price.

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