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Make your offer and wait for the match.

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If you've got nothing to lose,
it's kind of fun to try to match cheap.

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Before starting :

11 Months before flying or less. We offer at WALLTRIP

We do it in advance because it's the way to get the price you are asking for.

10 Months before departure, the flight is open

The airline publishes the seats available of the new flight. We had already offered.

Day 0 - Departure Date. Day of the Flight.

1. the OFFER

To invest on your dream trip, we are going to make an offer at least 11 months before the flight. You will enter all the information of your ‘request’ for a seat, where to go and how much you want to pay, with a down-payment of a 5% of that price. 

2. the WAITING

Once you make your offer, you must wait until you match with an airline. Remember that it will always depend on the price you chose. From 10 months before the flight for a few days for departure, you can choose to cancel your offer whenever you want.

3. the MATCH

If you match, there is an airline that wants to take you for the price you have chosen. You only have to pay the remaining amount, and that’s it: READY TO FLY !


If you match but you don't want to fly, we hold half of your down-payment (2.5% of your price)

If you don't match, you get you money back to your account

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Frequent Asked Questions - FAQ

It’s basically where all the information regarding your flight is. You enter where you want to go, when and how much you want to pay for that flight.

Making an offer means letting the market know what you are looking for, how much you are willing to pay for that flight and up to now you are showing your commitment with the down-payment. To make your first offer go to :

Whenever you want but we suggest you to make it at least 11 months before the departure date so that our solution works better.

Wait for the match, just like in Tinder. It will depend, not on how well you look in your profile pictures, but on the price you have chosen for that flight.

We suggest that you choose a price that you are really willing to pay. You can analyze how much is the flight today and how it changes over time. 

Once the flight is open to the public, you can withdraw the offer you entered and the total of your down-payment returns to your account so you can try with another flight.

From 10 months before departure date until the day before flying, it will depend on what you need. If you matched and do not want to travel, you just hold small fee and you can withdraw the rest to your account.

You have 2 options: You can simply choose not to travel, notify us within 48 hours of the ‘match’, we hold half of your down-payment (2.5% of the chosen price) and the rest returns to your account. Later, you can choose to resell your Match to someone and earn some money.

Because it’s when the airline opens the flight. We have to be the first ones to ‘Offer’ something for a seat.

It’s our way of showing the airline that there’s a person interested in the seat.

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